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Oh I do like to be by the seaside…

Well, the unthinkable happened…we left the hostel. There were many broken hearts and tearful goodbyes to the terrible furniture and loud building work, but somehow we managed to ignore those enough to pick up our bags and leave. I say ‘we’ picked up the bags, I was in one, but still. We have now moved into our apartment, which is complete luxury in comparison. The bed is comfy, there’s a table I can sit at and Kate and Chris have just bought a massive new sofa/sofa bed so I can see I’ll be spending a lot of my time – face down, labels up – on there.

We have had a busy week. Or Kate has, anyway, as she has to go to work every day. I have mainly been sitting in bed and exploring when they’re both out. I did the Grouse Grind a few weeks ago! For those of you that don’t know, almost 2500 steps up about 2700ft in the air up a mountain. I know I do heights, but even for me it was damn high! Luckily I snuck into one of the baby harness constructions that some ‘super moms’ had on their back. They did the whole thing (in half the time it took Chris and Kate!) with a baby and me on their back!! mental! Amazing!

I do like to be beside the sea…
We also went pedal biking…in the craziest stretch of water ever! I like water, of course, but my swimming days are long over…and even in my youth I wouldn’t have been swimming along there! – too many massive ferries, yachts, speed boats, making colossal waves and trying to drown us. It was an experience that I don’t wish to repeat!, reminded me of my duckling days!

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