About the Duck

When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck…

Like: labels, sleeping and getting new clothes.

Dislike: dogs

Enjoy: sitting with Ted on top of the book shelf.

Am good at: travelling in the car and giving directions.


I am a 28 year old Duck currently living the dream in Vancouver, Canada. I will be commenting on the trip from the comfort of the sofa and inside backpacks as it’s not really safe for me to go outside too often…


6 thoughts on “About the Duck

  1. Having only read ‘About the Duck,’ I suspect you’re unknowingly funny, Duck.

    “…Currently living in Surrey, planning a big trip to Vancouver…” Are you aware that there is a city named Surrey just 40 kilometres southeast of Vancouver whose inhabitants are flagged with a reputation of being ‘sheltered’ and a little bit ‘insular’? Love the unintentional irony!

    But just to be sure, you are indeed coming to Vancouver in August, yes? How long will you visit us, Duck? The sun might be out by then.

  2. However, if you are indeed from Surrey, British Columbia, Duck, then I apologize for insinuating you may be part of that stereotype. You’re still funny, though.

    • I am indeed currently residing in Surrey UK. Having been party to a huge amount of research about our trip (Kate just won’t stop googling!), I was vaguely aware of an area called Surrey in BC. Was NOT aware of that amazing description of its inhabitants though – I think I’d fit right in! I am very sheltered (I rarely leave the house!) and fairly insular (this is my first foray into talking to other people!). We’re coming over in August for 8months or so, on the working holiday visa and I can’t wait. I hope the sun will be out by then – all this rain is making my covers damp and mildewy. Nice. On that note, happy reading. I will also follow your blog with interest!

  3. I’m happy I’ve come across your blog! What fun! I live in Vancouver too 🙂 Nice to meet you.

    • Thanks, nice to meet you too! I don’t get out much as you may imagine! Vancouver is a simply beautiful place, we love living here. And completely appreciate the sentiment behind your blog – there is more to life than what sometimes is allowed to clutter up our time

  4. Nice to meet you, Mr. Duck. I have a pony and a squirrel on my blog. I’m sure they’d like to meet you too.

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