The pressure to blog….

Awake in the night….

Wings sweating, stuffing beating rapidly…

The pressure to blog has arrived.

I find it hard to describe fully what the pressure to blog feels like, but I liken it to when I put off doing washing until I’m down to the very last skin pair of pants. Or when I just have to finish on internet banking when the laptop is dying and the charger is all the way over the other side of the room. Not to worry, you don’t need to rely on my terrible descriptions to gain a better understanding of the emotional torment that is misery blogging. The time continuum chart of pleasure-guilt of blogging has been closely and scientifically studied by me researchers around the world and they have come up with something a little like this:

Very scientific research done by scientists

Very scientific research done by scientists

Now, people may consider the impact and implications of this highly scientific chart and wonder why on earth one would get into this vicious blogging world, and that would be a very good question. The pressure to blog can come from many sources, internal and external, and these can build and build to a crippling point of no return. The point where every great idea you’ve noted down for the past three months suddenly looks like something from the National Enquirer recycle bin. The point where every sentence you write is deleted ten times before settling on one that just doesn’t sound quite right. And the point where you delay putting finger to keyboard or pen to paper day after day, waiting for that ‘inspiration’ that’s definitely going to come tomorrow…right?!


What I have discovered over the last 6 weeks is that you can’t just wait for inspiration to come if you’re going to ride the wild ride that is blogging. There will be natural peaks and troughs in both inspiration and motivation that you have to learn to manage – though probably not control – so you’re not MIA for weeks on end. Obviously, there will be those times when you just-have-to-write-that-down-and-share-it-with-the-world, but there will also be the quieter times, times when you can spend a little longer thinking and crafting a post that might start out crap less inspired than the others, but may evolve into one of the most insightful things you have ever written.

The point is – if you don’t actually write it down, you’ll never know….

….See you in 6 weeks….. 😉

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3 thoughts on “The pressure to blog….

  1. Dave

    It reminds me of the guilt/pain i feel writing my book. Cant wait for 6 weeks to pass

  2. I can absolutely relate to this post! For me the guilt stars kicking in after 2 weeks, and by 4 weeks out I’m desperately trying to think of something interesting and original to write about (now I’m heading into my third year I’m running out of material a little). I’ll panic and panic and then all of a sudden the right idea will come when I least expect it. Embracing the turbulence of blog writing seems to be the best way forward!

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