Nice weather for ducks…and duckin’ umbrellas

Thursday night.

’twas the night before Rain,
And all through the street
People were strolling,
enjoying dry feet.
The brollies were hung
in the wardrobe with care,
In hopes that the rain season would never come there.

The children were playing,
enjoying their fun
With visions of beaches,
filtered by sun.
And mamma in her skirt,
and me in flipflops,
settled ourselves down,
to sunbathe on the rocks.

When out on the road
there arose such a splatter.
I sprang from my seat
to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew in a flash,
Tore up the shutters and threw open the sash.

The moon from the glare
of a newly soaked spot,
Turned all the green spaces
To grey parking lots.
The silvers and dulls,
the washed away sand,
The rivulets of rain
turning liquid the land.

With a shake of my head,
and a shiver in my bones
A wail of sirens,
And the water-soaked homes.
More rapid than seagulls,
The raindrops did fall,
Until the roads were all flooded,
and all the people in malls.

So up to the bus stop,
The people did flock,
Joining queue after queue To travel only a block.
But I heard them exclaim,
through the steamed-up window,
“Get your brolly from the Island
The shop’s quite a show!
There’s purples and pinks,
And auto open and close,
The waterproof canopy
takes away all your woes”.

So now I step out into
puddles with joy
The rain a mere nuisance,
It’s simply a ploy
To get more people shopping
and away from beach fun
So now it’s quiet when I go
Who needs the sun?!


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