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Dear Canada, please make some more noise

It’s been exactly 7 days since our arrival in sunny Vancouver and I have to say, things have been as great as we expected. Even better in some ways (amazing weather) but less great in others (I have to live in a carrier bag most of the time in case the bed bugs get me!). Maybe it’s just adjusting to city living after suburban Surrey but MY GOD IT’S NOISY HERE. Kate and Chris managed to pick the noisiest road in the world to stay on – there’s an apartment block being built just across the street, they appear to be demolishing the building we’re staying in brick by brick, it’s a road that attracts a lot of beeping horns and – best of all – buskers on drumkits!! No I am not joking. The effort that must go in to transporting and setting up a drumkit for busking must be immense and, to be fair, unless you are Mick Fleetwood, drums on their own sound shit not very musical. Especially after a day of constant banging and booming – though I am starting to make little duck songs out of the blare of the pneumatic drill!

In other news, food here is beyond amazing almost without exception. Kate and Chris set themselves a target of $80 a day for food and any other activities – like roller blading round Stanley Park, me in the bicycle basket! – and we have all dined like kings for that. Hand pulled noodles, amazing burgers, yam fries, design your own pasta and frozen cocktails. Haven’t had any duck yet, but there’s still time! – by the time we get back, Heston Blumenthal is gonna be putting me in his new restaurant!


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