Bit political for the dads – Duck gets serious

Well, finally, after 11 years of declining, Alistair Campbell deigned to grace the BBC 1 show HIGNFY with his godly presence. And better than that, it was one of the most political weeks for ‘Old Labour’ since they fell from power. And even better than that, Ian Hislop’s tiny face looked so delighted all the way through, I thought it would break in half horizontally. I couldn’t help but smile. And that takes a lot cos it loosens my stitching!

Hislop giggled his way through a constant onslaught of character assassination, innuendo and brute force abuse. It was hilarious for two reasons – one, because it was amusing to watch Humourless Alistair Campbell try desperately to play along, completely out of his depth. But, more importantly, it felt like a bit of sweet justice – Ian Hislop held Old Labour to account much more than any inquiry ever did. I guess that’s why Kate pays her licence fee – the BBC can still show, at times, an irreverence and satire that hits the spot for audiences. Sometimes we don’t want impartiality, we want a full-scale war. Not on Iraq though, as Hislop pointed out.
If I actually liked Campbell, I’m sure I would have disagreed with everything about it. But I’m also sure that complaints like that will be few and far between. And they’ll probably be from Liberal Demoncrats who don’t agree with the tone of the show on principle. Sometimes that’s what it takes to show people they’re not invincible.

The main downside about the Campbell Onslaught is that now Tony Blair will NEVER do it! #wastedopportunity

To lighten the heavy mood, I thought I’d share a classic track for you to disco to…enjoy!
*8 and a half weeks*

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