10 reasons why I’m better than RyanAir

1. I can stay in the air – confidently
2. I don’t charge you £50 to stow a tiny bag
3. I don’t try and sell you stuff every minute of the slightly terrifying flight
4. I take off on time
5. I don’t feel the need to play a cheesy jingle if I land safely, on time (I consider that my job)
6. I smile
7. I don’t try and take away the in-flight magazine 30 mins from landing
8. I don’t double my prices every 3 days
9. I don’t land by nose-diving from 30,000 feet
10. (the best one) I’m not owned by Michael O’Leary.
Obviously flying is a bit of a ducksmans holiday for me, but I feel that enables me to comment on the general unpleasantness of the experience. Roll on the luxury flight of Canadian Affair.  At least that’s not a budget airline…what?! It is?! Oh…
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