Best bird watching in North America?

Browsing the details of my future abode, I decided to look further afield. Being a crow duck, I am not put off by a bit of a distance, so I started to look at places I’d not read about yet. I came across a pleasant sounding Qualicum Beach but, on further investigation, found that its absolutely FULL OF OLD PEOPLE!! I know, right?! Ha. Now, I am an old duck, I have nothing against old people but I obviously timed my Vancouver investigations perfectly as…

You’ve guessed it – it’s Canadian census time! Apparently,  in Qualicum Beach, there are more than twice as many people over 80 as there are kids 14 and under (Vancouver Sun). This could actually be a great thing…looking at the pictures, the place looks beautiful – well-kept grass verges, litter free, no grisly youths hanging on street corners, lots of golf…and actually if I had to pick somewhere to grow older, it would likely be there! The clincher for me is this phrase from the town website – “some of the best bird-watching opportunities in North America”. I’m SOLD…as long as they are not using ‘birds’ to mean women over 80…!

I went to Tesco yesterday to get some new Aloe Vera lipbalm to protect my beak from all this sun. The cashier asked me whether I was paying by cash or cheque…I told her to put it on my bill…

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