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Best bird watching in North America?

Browsing the details of my future abode, I decided to look further afield. Being a crow duck, I am not put off by a bit of a distance, so I started to look at places I’d not read about yet. I came across a pleasant sounding Qualicum Beach but, on further investigation, found that its absolutely FULL OF OLD PEOPLE!! I know, right?! Ha. Now, I am an old duck, I have nothing against old people but I obviously timed my Vancouver investigations perfectly as…

You’ve guessed it – it’s Canadian census time! Apparently,  in Qualicum Beach, there are more than twice as many people over 80 as there are kids 14 and under (Vancouver Sun). This could actually be a great thing…looking at the pictures, the place looks beautiful – well-kept grass verges, litter free, no grisly youths hanging on street corners, lots of golf…and actually if I had to pick somewhere to grow older, it would likely be there! The clincher for me is this phrase from the town website – “some of the best bird-watching opportunities in North America”. I’m SOLD…as long as they are not using ‘birds’ to mean women over 80…!

I went to Tesco yesterday to get some new Aloe Vera lipbalm to protect my beak from all this sun. The cashier asked me whether I was paying by cash or cheque…I told her to put it on my bill…

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Never knew this was how pandas got made!

Never knew this was how pandas got made!

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You need them more than they need you…

My favourite part of the day today had to be the bit where Kate showed me this:

I know they’re in a different league to me, what with their fur and stuff, but I often try to perfect my Look and it’s nice that these things don’t go unnoticed. The baby bear one is my personal fave – it reminds me of my mate Ted – the original miserable bugger!
On a different note, got my summer skins out of storage last night – been getting far too clammy and moist in the winter layers. They’re hanging up as I speak, waiting for the creases to drop out…
*10 and a half weeks*
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Now it’s my turn to speak…

My name is Duck. People also call me ‘stuffed animal’, ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘what the hell is that thing?!’. I live with Kate and Chris and we are currently preparing to make a big move to Vancouver. They’ve sold it to me on the basis that I can hook up with some Canada geese (the bad boys of the bird world!), as I am getting a bit old for big trips now – I’m 25  which is 232 in duck years so I get a bit tired!

Kate and Chris have been going on and on about this trip and they’ve even made a list of all the places they want to see (pretty sad if you ask me!). I have looked over it, though, and decided to include it, as I am sure we’ll be seeing a lot of it in the future months:

Big trips:

1. Vancouver island and Victoria

2. Rocky mountain trip – Banff, Jasper, etc!!

3. Alaska

4. Whistler (and sea to sky highway)

5. Whale watching

Local things to see/do:

1. Granville island

2. Lynn Canyon

3. Grouse mountain (annual y2play ski pass already purchased!!)

– learn to ski (ever seen a duck on skis?!)

– go zip lining (bit like flying!)

– eye of the wind tour

4. Stanley park   – remember how to cycle!! (or sit in a basket at the front of a bike)

5. Jericho beach

6. Deep Cove

7. North Shore

8. The Aquarium

9. Science Museum

10.Sea plane trip

My main concern is the massive bed bug problem, but I’ve been assured by Kate (with help from – yes there is a real site for bed bugs to register on!!) that Kitsilano might be a safe place for me to spread my wings (inside, obviously).  I’ll be updating a bit before we go with some other useful stuff that I pick up whilst looking over Kate’s shoulder. It’s gonna be a big adventure for an old bird with one leg!

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